Hi, I want to say few things in my blog today.

It is okay, if you don’t agree with my words. It is democracy. We agree to disagree.

For last few years , I was going through politics and religion. And I don’t support religion in becoming the main pinpoint of the politics. I don’t support politics. But as youth and blogger or say more as a citizen of this country, I can directly ask few questions?

“Why are we building more temples? How is it going to help anyone? I just saw that certain people built a huge temple in my village, it is clean & lot of people visit that place. Anybody can go there to workship to that place, except homeless & poor people. I wanted to ask that how can you say that our country India is developing just because you spent millions and billions of rupees to build a statue while most of the school doesn’t have a teacher.

And why the fuck on earth , the new media is sharing us what food our prime minister takes for dinner, how hardworking he is ?

I am no saying that he is not hardworking, he is and why aren’t they are sharing news that actually matters!

I don’t want to know that Kim Jong’s wife hate his smoking habits, she should worry more about this mukes.

To be honest, you cannot trust news media or social media which includes Facebook and twitter. Most of them are funded by this political parties.

See, for just an individual speak , I have been a victim of this system once, when I worked my ass off to get a tribe certificate from a government office.

But it is just not me! If it was just one person, that’s alright. Billions of people, students are suffering.

More than 50% of the wealth is owned by the top 1 or 3% of the rich peoples. Do you get all this?

In short, we are fucked up. We guys do need to worry about all these. That’s what it means to love your country, asking for a war is just going to kill more soldiers. We have to get our mind straights on few things.

But I am just a guy who writes. Does it matter?

Even I don’t know but it feels right. You get some inner peace

*some facts might not be accurate but they are still pretty close 

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