What Does It Mean to Be a “Blogger,”?

Yesterday, I was sitting at Starbucks having a coffee and as always I had a laptop! One Indian guy came and asked me:

IT guy, Life toh hectic hota hai!

I was like, WTF! Ho kya raha hai!

No !

“So, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m a blogger.”

“Oh, awesome… But what do you do for work?”


“Yeah, but how do you make money?”

“You know, lots of different ways.”

“Like what? I mean, I don’t wanna pry but I really want to know…”

“Wellllll, there are lots of different ways to make money as a blogger.  I partner with brands that I want to share with people, I review restaurants, I have advertising space on my site, I wrote a guest post on different sites.”

Starbucks, CP

“Ohhh, got it. But like, what do you DO on a daily basis?”

In the end, I’m a student! Haha!

Questions stops there!

Lol, I get it. I get it. I usually get these types of questions on mail, Yup and Seriously I don’t have times to answers all of them. I love these types of question but repeatedly it impossible to reply each one of them.

I’m not debating it. Blogging is a confusing business! It wasn’t even possible to have a job as a blogger until the last couple of years, which is why I especially admire those select few people who have been blogging for YEARS as a side hobby until they were able to turn their blog into a business.

There are all sorts of blogs from fashion to fitness to lifestyle to food (food is a huge one, everyone loves a good #foodporn post, I do have one blog “ Street Foodogram” ), and pretty much everything in between. Mommy blogs are huge right now. Adventure blogs are awesome, travel blogs rock, photography blogs are beautiful, and there are running blogs, music blogs, DIY blogs, home decor blogs, beauty blogs, gender studies blogs, eating disorder recovery blogs, lawyer blogs, marriage and wedding blogs, VIDEO blogs on all of the above, and soooo much more. And then there’s YouTube but I won’t even get into that right now…

So when your blog happens to fall under the category of “lifestyle,” the details can be particularly hard to explain. I like to describe my blogging space as somewhat of an online diary… because that’s what it is. Sometimes I write on a whim about what I’m feeling in a singular moment (like yesterday’s post about travel), but sometimes my posts are planned out months in advance with professional photography, interviews, videos, edits and all that jazz. And sometimes not possible to write a  single blog for many days.

Other than the fact that a blog is a place to express anything you want, however you want, whenever you want, being a “blogger” also has a lot more layers to it than that. It will always have those elements, If I had to describe blogging in one sentence, this is probably what I would say: Being a blogger is pretty synonymous to being a freelance artist: whether you’re a writer, photographer, designer or a curator of information, your blog is a space to share an intimate look into a specific subject (or subjects) with a targeted audience that finds it way to you and grows over time.  

More simply put (god, I’m wordy):

Blogging is a form of freelance artistry.

You are your own boss!

You can lay down anywhere and have a coffee and write what you want! No one is there to stop you and no one is to judge!

Niyajkureshi.com is just like my personal diary, where I write I means in my daily  life and want to share with you.

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