Unconditional Love, is it? Maybe or maybe not. Love is unconditional when you love their soul not their physical body and you love them for no specific reason. You can imagine them getting old with you, in your memories or in reality, doesn’t matter. Their wrinkled face looks more amazing than now.

When their one sorry and one I love you can melt your heart in a minute, This shows how Love is unconditional. When you cannot resist them in pain. When you cry along with them, for them.

unconditional love

Love has no meaning and still, it has many faces. Some end up together and some don’t. The choices we make in our life’s changes our perception to see through it. Mine was very different before her but it has changed now after her. I’m not scared of future, I’m not scared of ending up alone or without her. I just know we love each other unconditionally. This is how love is unconditional.

I never loved her for her appearance in the outer world, I just love her for her. I don’t have a reason to, why? To answer this question, I may end up confusing myself in it.

There are many beautiful couples with amazing and heartbreaking stories. Many of them are living an amazing life and many are suffering from their faith.

Love is always being unconditional; what matters is how we see it. Love is pure, it is divine. It can break you, it can make you. In the end, it all depends on you, me and us only.

I use to say this a lot to him and now also we remind each other this line

“ Whatever our souls are made of, your and mine are the same”

One-sided love is the purest form of unconditional love, but it is no significance yet it is unhealthy. Still, we fall in love. That’s why it’s unconditional.

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