Answering to be likable is really not easy at all. What Can It Be? It’s just something everyone has to consequently work on. It is a characteristic trait of better human nature.

You can say that it is the key to having a successful legacy is developing leadership characteristics and traits. Some of the worlds most inspirational leaders become that way by sharing a certain set of values with the people who follow them.

I don’t believe the goal is to be a likable person but to be someone other people always want to be around. What kind of legacy do you want to leave on mankind?

the secret of being likable

There are certain behaviors that you must adopt which will contribute to you becoming a person who leads and inspires others. By adopting these principles you’ll open up a world of opportunities for yourself:


What exactly does authentic mean? It means being yourself. To be authentic means not trying to copy the life someone else already has. It means coming from a place that isn’t manipulative or egotistical but really wanting to leave a positive impact on others.

Humans are very good at figuring out who’s authentic and who isn’t. It doesn’t matter if it’s mastering music, writing, art, innovation or selling. If you’re creating content and you’re only doing it for the money, the fame, or the accolades then it’s going to take you much longer to accomplish. Figure out why it is important to you and be honest with yourself.

The more authentic you are the easier it is for people to trust you. They don’t feel like you’re just trying to sell them something but as if you’re wanting to help them with whatever you have to offer.


If you want people to have your energy around them then you better be bringing a positive one. If you want to bring value to the people around you then you must keep a positive attitude.

Keep in mind that when you have a negative attitude towards life it really impacts your mentality. Your mind becomes wired to think that nothing good comes from life turning yourself into a pessimistic. To cultivate self-improvement you must begin engineering positive self-talk and thoughts as your new thinking pattern. To cultivate this kind of mindset you must begin catching yourself when you’re having a negative thought.

Ask yourself: Are these thoughts on improving my life? By interrupting this habitual pattern you begin rewiring your brain for optimism. The more consistent you are, the easier it will be. This is worth developing.


One of the key traits you can develop along with self-awareness is empathy. Being empathetic isn’t easy because it requires you to have an understanding of the negative habits and behaviors other humans have. Empathy is being able to stay calm when others bring chaos and you not taking it personally. You must realize that we are all trying to improve ourselves and we all experience negative emotions.

To develop your empathy try to see where other people are coming from when they give you attitude or don’t act the way you want them to. We all make mistakes and it isn’t fair for you to judge where other people are on their self-improvement journey. Always give the helping hand because one day you might need it too. Empathy will open you to healthier relationships.

the secret of being likable


Here are some of the ideas you can work on:

  • Make eye contact with people and truly smile – you can communicate more effectively with the eye and a beautiful smile at times more than words can ever do.
  • Be brave and confident.- A lot of people are riddled with self-doubt. People are scared to take the first step. So display confidence and bravery. Be the first to talk and take action intense situations. Doing this will free others to take action too and they’ll like you for it.
  • Be passionate – why is Steve Jobs or Elon so likable? They’ve got crazy beliefs that spread to everything they do.  Please don’t live without a purpose. Find something that gives a reason to strongly believe in, it will always show in your behavior.
  • Put away your phone – when you press your phone in a conversation. You are insulting the person that they are not important. People don’t like people that insult or misuse them.
  • Be respectful but don’t try to please – hard truth is that everyone can’t like you. It’s just the same way everyone can’t like a movie or a product or a website. Some will like you and others won’t. So don’t try to make anyone like you, instead just respect everyone and do your thing.
  • Be open-minded – in my opinion, only fools argue and refuse to learn. Ironically, no one likes fools. So try to be open-minded, refuse to argue and try to see things from others perspective. Ask questions and listen what your hearts says.
  • Ask people for little favors – it looks cheesy but when someone does you a favor. They kinda like you for it. Just don’t ask for too many favors, it will make you stink. Go with little favors.
  • Give compliments and acknowledgments- It always makes you a good person.
  • Don’t be the buzz kill – stop being the constant whiner and energy sucker. And, stop frowning and complaining. The world is bigger than whatever problems you are having now. So when you are around people, put on a positive body language, or stay and whine at home.
  • Have fun with people life is too short and we’ll all be dead soon. Enjoy with people while you still can. Everyone likes people who know how to have fun. Laugh, share your stories and have a great sense of humor.
  • Accept and empathize with people – there is nothing more wrong than expecting people to conform to your wishes. Stop it. Accept people for who they are. Treat each person differently. Don’t treat a nerd like a Psychologist. People have distinct personalities, accept each person and treat them accordingly.
  • Be reliable – it goes without saying right? We all love that friend who is always there for us.

Being likable is all about your behaviors. You can have the behaviors and still be rotten underneath. You’ll be likable but you’ll be fake. Instead, try to be a good person. Try to be original.


To become a good leader you must be willing to develop these key characteristics. Be authentic because people can feel where you aren’t.

Have an optimistic attitude towards life and you will notice yourself in more positive situations. Be empathetic towards others because it gives you the opportunity to understand why other people act or behave the way they do.

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