Have you heard that, ” Follow the leader is all fun and games until you’re the follower and you’re being led on.” Do you know what it means? Nothing, Just you are trying to give someone an opportunity to play with your feelings and emotions.

Well, I got a request to write a blog on this topic from one of my viewers. Here You go!

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A Game is just a game, but feeling Ahh! Damn whether it be simple intrigue or complex love, should not be played with. It’s not a game.

Love is not a game of your feelings and emotions

Believe me, There are no rules for how to go about controlling or messing with another person. There is not a single rule that would make it a fair game.

playing with your emotions and feelings

Sometimes, people truly don’t realize what they’re doing. They might just be an “extra friendly” person. Or, they may need the reassurance that there’s someone out there that cares about them.

Only thing around that time is the reassurance of yourself

Regardless, we all need to take a step back and look at our friendships/relationships. Is there anywhere you may be giving someone the wrong impression? If you even hesitate about one (or maybe more), then please, for the other person’s sake, be cautious. If you feel as though you are the one being led on, then stand up for yourself. You deserve better.

Now, again the question comes,

Why do they play with your feeling and emotion?

There are many reasons for this:

  1. We may not understand someone’s feelings well.  We may misunderstand or misinterpret it.  When it happens what we say or do have adversely affect their feelings.  Mostly we are helpless about it.
  2. A ‘no’ from our side may hurt the feelings of some people.   To comfort them for time being we cannot say ‘yes’ when we really wanted to say ‘no’.  Better be straightforward to avoid bigger complications.
  3. They may not understand our good intentions or may not be giving enough importance to what we do for them.   They simply remain hurt thinking we are not caring for them.
  4. Some people don’t care about how others feel about what they are doing.  It hurts.
  5. Some people deliberately hurting the feeling of others and enjoy watching what is going on. “A sense of revenge”.

So what to do next? Not allow them in your lives. No, I don’t ask that… Just try to be master of your feeling and emotions. You should be the driver of your feeling and emotional vehicle. You should ride your own feeling and emotions, not driven by otherside.

Humans are a sensitive species. We need to take care of each other, not hurt each other. We need to be honest with one another. For now, I’m specifically referring to our feelings (or lack thereof). Our lives are short. I don’t care how much of a cliché that is because it is so true and vital.

There isn’t enough time to toy with others’ emotions or to hold back how you feel because you’re “scared how they’ll take it” or because you don’t want them to be mad or hate you or be sad. It’s much harder for someone to get their hopes up time after time again, year after year, only to find out they never even had a chance in the first place.

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