Why do people give a shit about themselves?

Have you ever imagine why do people give a shit.

Hey, You fuck face,

You know what I just wanted to go to the public and would be asked some shitty face; why do people shit about themselves?

Why mother Fu*ker why?

Many will agree with the fact that why anybody should take the shit? Because why would you want to take a shit? They are smelly, so give it away!


A Big No.

They take a shit about themselves.

Really, because someone has to. Like push is to pull, or cause is to effect. It’s necessary! It all has to even out…  Balance that fucks face !!

You know what I wonder from time to time why people care so much about themselves. The way I’m going about this is why do people care so much about other people’s lives and what other people do? I don’t mean the answer to the question with questions but other people care for the same reasons you care about yourself.

It seems that Fuckers only blame to fuck face when it comes to why do that Fucker care so much about other people’s fucking business because chances are that at one point that fuck’all have cared about other person’s personal business matter.

The only way I found to have people stop caring about my business is to stop caring about other people’s personal matters and not worrying about gossip.

people give a shit

And If you think that the problems is solved ,

Maybe Yes  from your side,  But from My side

It’s a big, No.


Here is the think,

People don’t just leave a shit without shitting to other people.

So, Don’t focus on them, instead

Set yourself on a path to self-improvement and live every day by this.  Build yourself and your skills and give people that to talk about.

Now, of course, everyone is always going to try to focus on the bad instead of the good. People want to pick out your flaws and weaknesses to make themselves look good or feel good about themselves.

Do you think why Me?

Because Babes, that’s a fucking human nature. All human are made of these shit more or less. It is us who make things bigger or smaller.

Those who isolate themselves from toxic people and continue to work on their goals regardless of what others say are the ones who succeed. From isolation, I don’t mean, ignore them.

What I mean, live with them, just be focus and also try to throw some shit to them, which will make you feel better.

What Niyaj’ says

“A lion does not concern himself with the opinions of a sheep”

I hold on to this,

So even if Fucker’s  do give a “shit” why do you care that they do?

The only person whose opinion should be relevant to your life is your own opinion.

At the end of the day, you are the person who lives with your choices, feelings, and thoughts. You control what you become upset over and you alone have to deal with your feelings of hurt pain.

Hey Fuck Face, go to that shitty face, and just say

“Fuck you”

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