Do you want to know my vision of life? I was asked like hundred times by my friends and having Einstein IQ types of people. Niyaj..! Tell me something about your vision of your life..? Most of the time I had my answer still I didn’t reply.

Actually, the problems are not in my vision but the question itself. The question is kind of damn depressing itself.

It sucks.

life vision

Well, I am not that vision person either, But I have my vision of my life and relationship which kind of sucks to me, still I would like to you my vision of my life.

I used to have this vision of my life. It was like a web. The more web you could have come from you, the more important you were. But if you vanish then, the people that were in your life, they learn to rely on someone else and then the web just remakes itself and moves on without you.

I am like a spider in that web where I start spinning the web from nowhere to reach a point where both strings meet and I stand in between them. It is just like a glue which helps something together. I called that Glue as Love.

I think when I started the spinning the web, I never thought about the timing when I will finish and now It seems that the limit is tending towards infinity.

life vision

It may seem like a limit equation of mathematics where your X tends to 0 and Y tends to ∞. Let’s assume X to be me and Y to be my web. When I was in the initial stage of my vision, the equation was exactly the same as above.

But when I get along the route, I never think of going back what I did, I wanted to leave in the present, wanted to live along.

My vision of life is some kind of journey of a broken Path which has got some happy moment of a tourist. But, It also has its own suffering, sorrow, pains, and emotion attached to it.

It’s my personal point of me. Your’s may differ from my vision.

Do Share your vision with me, in the comments section below. You can also email me [email protected]

Niyaj Kureshi

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