One Rule for Life is a concept to live a life of your own rules. Have you ever wonder, what is that one thing that is stopping you from your visualized life that you dreamed of. Before I start explaining my own logic and my rules to you., Let me assume some facts about you.!

If you are reading this article,  that means, you want to know what exactly is that one rule to lead that one successful life.

“Look I am not a Guru or nor a great philosopher, who has great experiences of living a good  life and know how to face in a much better way, I am just an individual like you, who is learning from its own mistakes, and just wanted to share my experiences.”

No more bullshit, Let’s come to the point.


I don’t know about you! But for me, Life is all about fulfilling my dreams and helping my family, friend and fellows to fulfill their dreams.  Simple language, If you want something, go and get it. This is what You also want. This is the usual dream that one always has. But still, we are not able to fulfill that.

What is the problem, why don’t we get.?

It is wrong to say that why didn’t we get that.

Actually, we get what we want, but the timing by which we get is wrong or say when we get that thing, our expectation increases. We are not able to fulfill our hopes, with what we got, we want more and more even if we are not capable of…

This is not my fault, or yours, it ’s a human nature. Because, you are not judging yourselves with our previous yourself, You are trying to judge yourself with other. This is wrong. When you start comparing yourself with others. This is where you lose your game. This is the main reason, and it needs to be corrected.

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There are two ways of defining life. One is scientific and the other one is philosophical.

Scientific Definition: Science takes it as a combined act of brain and heart. If your brain is dead, You are declared as Death, even if your heart is beating.

Philosophical Definition: This is a vast definition. It is all about living in terms of experiences and living conditions. Life is a series of events which give reasons to see, think, react and go through the passage of time from your birth till Death.


Is this not enough.!! If I say No, Do you agree?

Because, this definition does not define my need, my needs to live a life of my choice. See There I lack  something, “Satisfaction”

Life is all about satisfaction with what you have got. Working on yourself, you can achieve a lot. Just Don’t put a burden on anybody, or don’t blame others for your deeds.

Life is Short but is beautiful. You just need to live in that instances. That’s all.

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One Rule is a rule or, say moral rules to live a golden life in your own terms.

Rule #1: Stay Happy

Try to stay happy with whatever you got, rather than crying for what you don’t have or lost. There are many people out there who are crying to get what you already have. So appreciate it and love it and be happy to have it.

Rule #2:  Be Truth to yourself

Understand the situation and difficulties, try to challenge the difficulties and accept the truth.

Rule#3: Live in the moment:

Don’t panic about what to come or what you had been in the past. The greatest and oldest, the successful always live in their present and that’s why they were successful. They enjoy every bit of small happiness.

Rule#4: Be comfortable in your skin:

Don’t give a fuck about what people think about you. Think If one of my friends come and say to me, You are black or you are dull, I don’t want to be your friend. If he or she don’t want to be your friend that his or her problem. He or she would not come to give fairness treatment, And most probably you will get a new friend,  Stop giving a fuck to them.

Rule#5:  Drop your ego.

This is one of the most important rules in your life. Your ego works as a security guard to protect your self-esteem from being attacked. However, sometimes we become a victim of our own ego. It takes control of ourselves to result in making us too arrogant and act above ourselves.

Hope you enjoy this articles. If I missed something, feels free to get over to me in the comment section below.

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