INTROVERT: A class of people who are considered to be lonely, sad, boring and quiet. But, A introvert in love is a class of introverts who are seriously needed to be examined.
Well, Why? I will tell you later in this article.

introvert love

Trust me, You will see the most beautiful encounter of love with them. When they fall in love, they fall too It’s like a sharp blow, a havoc in their own world. They have never let anyone too close, except for a few friends, and suddenly, you’re violating all their borders.

They want to stop you, they want to resist you every bit because they know you have the capacity to affect them like no one else. They are too soft, too vulnerable with their feelings.

And yet, you’re there, painting their small, dimly lit world into all sorts of bright rainbow colors around them.

Damn, they wish they could throw you out of their cocoon, but you’re so good, they cannot help. Suddenly all those lovelorn songs make sense to them.

how to deal with introvert in love

Do you know, Why..?

You are the romance to them, that they thought would never scent their life, the fairytale they thought they’d never receive. Before they realize, they are waiting for your calls. They try to keep the conversations going but are terrible at it.

They steal glances at you, at least they think so. If you’re alert enough, you’d know they actually are staring. Plain, innocent staring.

Many introverts are in fact great painters, writers, musicians, etc. If you want to know if they really care about you, closely observe their art, it is their way of expressing everything that they’d rather not express.

introvert love

Point to be Noted:

And yes, they won’t make the first move. They won’t approach first, how much ever love-sick they are.


shy introvert

You can’t deal with them. Give them time, give them space, and let them come at their own pace.

The reason introverts have the most beautiful versions of love is, they don’t allow people to taint it or the world to contaminate it. They embrace love in the most sincere way: pure and innocent.

Also. can let you go easily. And this is the reason why, Most of the time they lose the ones they love before.

Niyaj Kureshi

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  1. I am an introvert. 😀. Falling in love is a like a give it all or none to me. I am at my most sensitive being in love, now with kids and family, I still am. 😉

    1. Thank you So much Megwanyn for sharing your experiences. Love to hear it. Be a regular visitor to my website. Also, subscribe to my newsletter. Love you.

  2. Introverts are really wonderful people who find it difficult opening up to people unless they find them trustworthy. Wonderful post!

  3. This is amazing!! I am not an introvert but I feel like you explained all of this perfectly!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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