This is the story of an innocent girl who falls in love with a boy who is a kind of playboy, a  story of innocent love, betrayal, and revenge.

innocent girl story


Hi, there

I am Reshma, and I am 20 years old, 2nd year engineering student from a private engineering college in Delhi studying computer engineering. I am like any other girl child is happy, full of happiness, family and friends, have a great amount of life, studying my dream course, what else do you need, a last a boyfriend, Right?

And I think I am closer to that., too! I think I am seeing someone..!


Well, Everybody dreamed that we will meet our soulmates, that’s a fancy thing. Some may be lucky, they do meet their mates in the first place. In that lucky list, I was one of them. This could be my chance to have my first boyfriend, although all the girls in my hostel had a boyfriend which take me to a weird situation.

The first day of my class as a fresher, I saw him. He was charming, elegant and stylish. Also one of the cutest boy in the class. I was nearly blushing. Well, we started talking. He was a great gossip listener. I don’t know how I started growing some mutual feeling for her.

At first, we use to talk in the class as a classmate, then we increase the reach by exchanging our phone number, then, what we were 6-9 busy. I started falling for him.

first love

It was the first time, when I was crazy thinking about someone, who came into my life from nowhere, and become some part of it. Well, I went down and proposed to him, You would be thinking that it is weird, usually, boy proposed girls. But I think I was crazy enough to do that, Well I had no Idea what was coming happened next.!

He rejected me.! Well, my friends and even I was shocked enough. I became sad day by day. No matter, how my friends try to encourage me to move on, but I was just hard enough to move on.

My life became a hell kind of, a guilt of my crazy innocent thing which made me a dull girl in front of my classmates. My world just become a hell and I was a star, so you can call me hell rockstar.

Well. my friend Ritu went to convinced him to talk to me. And that night he called me, the talked went well, and we were trying to get back to normal. This time he was falling for me, that I can see clearly as anticipated.

But my anticipation doesn’t last long enough. He slightly and slowly started to reduce texting, then he was getting some excuses to avoid me. After getting to normal, Well there was something wrong with this guy, or I was blind enough in my love and feeling that I was not able to judge myself, that my love was one-sided.

On the other hand, my friends were worried about me, they wanted me to be happy but, my disease was him, and I wanted him deadly like anything


Love is craziness, That what I believe.

I just wanted him to be a part of life he was not, I don’t the reason why.?

Well, I found out the reason in meaningful time. He was a two-time player. He was simultaneously dating my friend which was a kind of a shock for me, as she was my roommate. And Also she never mentioned me.

The situation becomes worse and worse day by day. The story of my love becomes a household story for my friends and student at my college. It was embarrassing enough for me to avoid college for sake of him. But, I even want to know why he faked my love, knowing that I loved him innocently like anything.

Love also comes in the form of betrayal, and revenge too. I made my mood to take revenge. I tried to get closer to his friend and one of them fall into a trap in my fake relationship hoax. But a part of me doesn’t want this new guy to fell for me like I fell for his friends.

I become lonelier, no friends to talk. I was separated out. Everyone was hating me. My innocent loves take my happiness, friends, that inner peace and overall my dignity.

Well, I told my whole first love story, but you might wonder, what would be the reason he gave me..!

The reason was religion, He was Hindu and I was Muslim. which was totally insane to hear for I just seeing for a boyfriend, not my life partner. Although, he was totally a playboy. He drowns my friends too, the same friend for which he left me.! Well, I was the innocent girl, not known to love and relationship culture falls in love with a playboy who has no interest in me and ends up my life in nowhere.

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