This is the final story of the Innocent girl which was published before this post. It is the continuation of the story. Let me give you recap of the previous post .

innocent girl

Love comes with betrayal and fortifies its victory in one or other ways. Love can sometimes become pathetic, addictive, and nonsense, when you used it over and over again. It brings the pain with it, just like everything in this universe has a price so do your love is.

Well, do you remember me from the last post, that innocent girl..!


Once again, I’m Reshma, and you are reading my story.  I was the innocent girl, not known to love and relationship culture falls in love with a playboy who has no interest in me and ends up my life in nowhere.


I am not that innocent anymore, college peeps call me slut, while my friends call me a bitch, Well I am getting used to it, It is fun. I am getting more attention than anyone in the class, Should I be happy or worried about that.

But first, Let me take a selfie, Instagram is more important than anything else. By the way, I cannot upset my 35k Instagram followers by not posting a selfie.

inoocent girl selfie

#I am an InstaQueen #innocentgirl

In the 21st century, you cannot believe, even if you don’t have friends, you can live on social media. Believe me, they will not betray you for any other girl, cannot be, it’s virtual. But, If you can still find someone interesting in it.

He was texting me, to meet me in the college, he was from management studies, a common rich Delhite living in South Delhi. I know this dude as I had noticed him many times in the college hanging with other boys, but still, it was weird for me to meet him in college canteen, in front of the classmates with my old stories revolving around me.

Ah.! I can’t throw it out while that asshole is dating my friend.

Let me tell you a fact about girls, she might become a feminist, or say, any strong person slaying her life, there will always be a soft corner in her heart, which accept the pain, reality and true love.

I always wanted a boyfriend who stand beside me, someone who cares and take care of me. which I fail miserably in the first place.

Raghav called to meet me in Starbucks, Nehru Place by 5 pm in the evening. It was far from my hostel but still, I agreed to meet him. I needed some fresh air. After all, It had been some time, I went with someone.

I was quite nervous, I had never been with anyone to a coffee date in my past twenty years life. Nor to a fancy place like Starbucks which is highly overrated for a cup of coffee.

innocent girl coffee date

Still, I was prepared with the credit card, you don’t know right.?  When you would need it.?

I boarded the violet line metro to Nehru Place, A bit late in the arrival, But Raghav was on time.


 innocent girl First date

Oh..! He looks great..! A quite unexpected surprise for me to see an average guys looks amazing and also a bit hotter than usual. He doesn’t have a six-pack like one had with my previous asshole, but I don’t think he needs that, I was already impressed.

He asked me for coffee: Cold, Hot, Frappuccino. Well, I had no idea about the latter one., But the name was fascinating enough, “ Frappe-chino” What the fuck is that. “I only need a coffee”, I replied and Raghav started laughing. It was quite funny though when I think now while writing the story, but at that moment it was a kind of … what I think you understand..!

innocent girl coffee date

He was good enough to bring me a mocha frappuccino, which tastes quite well and Raghav too.

He was a bit childish guy, who is a bit funny and sarcastic, and say what I was enjoying every bit of his company. He started explaining about his past, love for writing, blah blah…Like every boy,

It was my turn to speak the past… He stops me from doing that, he doesn’t want to listen to them. He said he know everything and I don’t need to explain it. that was a great relief for me.

We went on a walk in the courtyard of the mall, He asked me If I wanted to have some food, I was starving too,.We went to Nehru Place Social, the place was cozy, a bit type of Bollywood theme decorated with a bar and of course a restaurant. We ate Schezwan noodles with beer. Beer tastes better when you are with your bae. I was too involved with him that I didn’t even notice when the clock strikes 10:30, well that was too late for me.

Raghav offers me to stay in his house for a night. I had no option as my hostel gate closes down by 10.00 pm. We drove to his house. His room was a mess, a total boy thing but he manages to clean it as fast as possible.


I sat on the couch totally nervous, what next..! I was freaking out..! I had no idea how will I spend the night with the guy who I know about him, but not that close. He brought me a lays chips and a chilled from the fridge. He asked me if I would like to watch Netflix. Yes, that was better.! We started watching this new season of  “The Innocent”.

But I was interested at staring at him, how innocent and good he is, I actually felt something for him. I  just wanted to kiss him, but I was nervous thou. I held towards him and put my head on his shoulder, he smells great. I kissed his neck and squeezes his palm of the hand. He got my intuition. He came closer to me, and I can easily say at that moment of time,  my heart was pumping blood like hell.

We looked into each other’s eyes and I couldn’t think about anything, it was like I had nothing to do with the world. We came close to each other, looked into each other’s eyes for one last time, I noticed his eyes were closed and I started getting lost in the aroma and all of a sudden I felt a wet, soft and heavenly touch on my cheeks.

innocent girl kissing


He kept his pink beauty intact on the same place for a while and slowly I felt his nose touching mine with the sound of his heavy breath becoming more and more audible. I didn’t realize that my eyes were closed all this while when I opened them, I saw him looking at me, he had a puppy face and I kissed back yet again.

I went over him, he opens his clothes and kissed me on my neck. We were over each other for 10 min. It hurts but left me wanting for more. We fell asleep cuddled in each other’s arms.

Thanks to Netflix, We had an oral one only.

Next few months really well. We had two-three moments more.

It was time for Placement Drive. I begged the Job at COSCO as an onsite software engineer in New Jersey, US. It was harder to take a decision; on one side you have your love, on the other, you have your dream job and career.

Raghav was very mature, he let me go for the US, as he always wanted to settle in Delhi. He joins Deloitte as a Sr.Analyst.

innocent girl office

Here I am living happily, having fun with my new friends and handful bag of money in the pocket. But that one soft corner remains unfilled.

This is Life. You never get anything and everything you want.

Life give only one chance- either you suck it or you fuck it. And I believe in fucking it.

`~Reshma khan


Hi readers,

You have just read the story of an Innocent girl and its second part -“The Innocent girl: Final Story”. Both the story is the work of fiction by author. The name, place, characters, events, and incident are the product of the author’s imagination.

Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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