Believe me, There is something is wrong with engineering profession in this society. Parents compared their children with the boy next door show that they can show their power in the society. They fuck their children’s feeling and dreams for the sake of their own dreams.

It’s not an investment, It’s a dream of your child.

Don’t fuck them!


obsession with engineering as career

There is one thing deeply wrong with our society’s curious obsession with the engineering profession. Each year, we tend to see whole ads by varied coaching job agencies, proclaiming most engineering toppers as their own.

The coaching job for engineering entrance exams typically begin as early as standard six, with relentless teaching of physics, chemistry and mathematics at the expense of scientific discipline and language subjects. as long as several engineering schools are unable to put their students and thus unable to garner enough admissions — why is our society still so smitten by this career?

To get the solution, we’ve got to travel back many decades, to the times of license-quota rule. In 70s, once the economy stagnated, there have been solely many jobs. With India’s socialist specialize in building state-owned factories, engineering was one profession that secure employment. Those days there have been scant opportunities for languages or humanities graduates.

However, when economic liberalization, true modified radically. several new corporations, significantly within the industry, set shop. Personal corporations offered unexampled opportunities for jobs and career growth.

Suddenly, you one might become a journalist in one in all the many media outfits, a banker in one in all the new banks, a telecommunication skilled within the trade of mobile telephone or a package skilled within the booming IT industry.

None of those career choices need you to check engineering. Contrary to its style belief, IT corporations don’t solely rent from engineering campuses. Even once they do head to engineering schools, they check for power, logical reasoning skills and articulation.

Most of the opposite professions (banker, journalist, sales etc.) that flourished thanks to liberalisation, are after all hospitable liberal-arts graduates, provided they’ll speak well and have a logical mind.

But the minds of the fogeys, United Nations agency double up as career counsellors for our youngsters, have remained stuck within the 70s.

There’s still the mistaken belief that engineering is that the solely profession that guarantees employment. That statement is wrong on two counts:

 1.Engineering doesn’t guarantee a job — as the position records of the many engineering schools can tell you.

2.There are several, more job outside the engineering profession that are hospitable traditional graduates and postgraduates.

Because of this obsession, several students are pushed towards careers they are doing not need to pursue. Some bright minds in those campuses are lost,thanks to suicides. Some bright minds are lost to drug-abuse. In any case this sacrifice, very few really work in the actual field of engineering. Some become MBAs. Most become software professionals. None of these fields require an engineering education.

Even the few who do work in a mechanical engineering or electrical engineering firm generally do not use much of their engineering know how. They operate, repair and maintain things. Some work in the sales function, some move on to managerial positions. The reason very few engineers actually stick to engineering shows that their original career choice was not made out of strong love for the subject, but out of peer pressure.

At school level, most students’ supposed love for ‘science’ subjects comes from a desire to please their parents and sit for these entrance exams. I wonder, how many of those parents who profess love for science subjects care for truth, evidence and objectivity. Their love for science comes from herd mentality, which is which is the antithesis of science.

obsession with engineering

All parents want the best for their children, but they may not always know the correct path. Sometimes the correct path is obscured by their mind which is rooted in the past.

Sometimes, the path is obscured by their own unfulfilled ambition, which they want to fulfill through their children.

But a parent who wants to fulfill her unfulfilled ambition through her child, fails twice over.

There is one more aspects  with this obsession.

We, as Indians are also obsessed in climbing the ladder to richest as soon as possible fucking our livelihood.

They see a 4-year degree of engineering a sure-shot to live up to their expectation of living a high life. 

Let me show you a level of Obsession:

In the state of Bihar, a poor semi-literate farmer sells or mortgages his land to send his child to a private engineering college believing that his son will become an engineer and improve the status of the family.

A middle class man wants his son to pursue an MBA after engineering believing that it would help the family to ascend into the Upper Class and so on.

Well, tell me one thing what types of guarantee should that boy or a girl  will give to his parents that after completing that fucking course he will become a millionaire.

Can he will be able to live his life happily..? Will he be able to live every moment of life.

And what after, say, Jobs…

You going to be a slave under your fuckin’ boss, who wanted to fuck your every happiness in your office.

If you still think you living a good life, then you are fucking asshole, who born to deserve that..!

My Final Words:

Please don’t fuck your dreams and ambitions for the sake of your parents, and socio-strata. Try something which you love the most, Atleast you will be happy. Believe me, A 4-year degree do not going to make any difference in your life.

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Disclaimer: Some of the content and the views are taken as a reference from an article published on medium by Arghya Banerjee  and from a article publish on November 17, 2017 on Hindustan Times

Niyaj Kureshi

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