Hi, My name is Niyaj Kureshi, and this shitty blog you are reading is my own personal blog. In this blog post, I wanted to share some personal experiences about how I passed my class 12 examination.

By the way, the journey was a roller-coaster ride. A ride with a thousand of difficulties and a faith broken friendship.

That’s me..!!

I never dream of living in Delhi and studying in Delhi University.

Let me take you to a flash back to a part of my untold story. It all started when my father asked me what you to do in your life. 

Me: I don’t know.!

Papa: I will tell you what you should do.!

Me: OK, then tell me…

Papa: You will become an engineer. Because you are good at mathematics and science. 

At that time I had no choice, but to listen to him. I passed my class 10 with 9 CGPA , which is a good score, not the best. 

how I passed my class 12 examination niyaj kureshi

Next step was the higher secondary college, I got a seat in second Best college for science in my state.

 While having a good taste in science and technology, still I got stuck in the subject,as a result I started losing interest in the subjects. But, due to my parental pressure, I was willing to try hard to continue.

It was Class 12 boards exam, a deadly incident happen with me, It hard to express. I just don’t know who to blame.

Niyaj Kureshi

It was Physics paper, I was well prepared. The day before exam, the paper got leaked. then the state board reschedule the paper after the exam. The day paper was rescheduled, I known the dates, but not the time.

I reach the exam center at the previous time table which was in evening. when I reach the room, there was no one in the class, then I one of the junior, he said the exam was over.

At that moment, I lose my ground beneath the foot. It is easy to say, the pain which happen at that moment was the deadliest pain in my life. I  asked all the teachers, they don’t dare to help me, I went to board headquarters,only 3.5 km away from my college. The board directed also was of no use. 

But, what really hurt me was my friends ,whom I called last night to confirm the exam schedule, who never mention me the timing of the exam at any point. I just don’t want to talk about him, he was anyway one of the assholes in my eyes. But what I lost from all of these is the trust to friendship.

Next was to face my parents who was dream of son studying in India’s premier engineering college so called fucking IIT.

After all this happen on the same day, I was just devastated, I just don’t want to go to home. I went to bank of Brahmaputra, I remember i was crying alone siting in the bank of the river. My thought process try to take me to worse condition imaginably. It felt like the world is against me.

I wanted to give up my life. I attempted a failed suicide attempt. But then I realize myself, I’m not an asshole. 

Niyaj kureshi

I went back to home, it was late night past 10. I quietly enter the room, I realize, my younger sister was waiting for me to asked about my question paper. I went straight back to my mother, she was cooking for dinner. i told her every thing about the day. She started crying. 

She told my father all about this. We never ate our dinner that night. 

The next morning my parent came up with inspiration about how he overcome his poverty to give us a good life. He asked me to find a way to  make things better.

I  got the courage to get back to my computer to do some research on the student who were before in my situation. But, It didn’t help me a lot.

You know what, If there is a way to get someone down , then is always a way to get a hell lot stronger to comeback.

I found a way. It was a miracle. In our state board, there is only two compulsory subject and four elective of which 3 is compulsory, which means:

English and a main language is compulsory and for elective for science consist of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.

So when I missed out the Physics exam, which means Although I will not be eligible for engineering or medical exams but still I can passed the overall exam which was kind of a relief for me.

My parent and even I regret for losing my eligibility for entrance, remember their dream.!

After passing all this embarrassing moment, Do you think It gonna end..?

It was just a beginning. 

Next was to face my neighbor’s and of course the relative. I hate them the most when they try to compare with their sons and daughter. 

It really suck, Believe me or not.

It was my parent who acted maturely  to help me get over this mess. 

Yes, I passed the my Class 12 board examination with first division but without physics. Later, I filled for improvement for class 12 and cleared the physics paper too.

What I realize from all this mess, no body can become better friends than your own parents. I lose my faith on friendship. 

I will tell you more about It on my next blog. Do visit my blog and share the blog post to get maximum reach.

Thank you for having patience in listening to my creepy story. I know It sucks. But that’s my life. 


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