BRO CODE Rule 1 :

Always assist your brother in wooing his crush

I had always thought of making her feel special on her day. But , being the moron I forgot her birthday. When I entered the class and later came to know about the birthday, I was heartbroken.

Suddenly , my friend got up and announced :

Friend : Ayush has bought a special gift for her !!

Me : (trembling ) Bro wtf .

Friend (winks ) Take it out of your bag and give it to her . Cmon.

I opened my bag and found a bouquet along with a Happy b’day card and Chocolate nicely wrapped . Took out the gift , and admist the hootings gave it to her.

My friend had bought the gifts a day before and when he came to know I had forgot to bring the surprise , he slided his gifts in my bag .

 BRO CODE Rule 2 :

Have your bro’s back, No matter what

I was standing in the line , waiting to order my French Fries. Just as my turn came , a well built guy pushed me aside and came in front.

Me : Watch out !!

Guy : What ? See your size first.

Me : That is no reason , to break the line , I guess ?

Guy : Don’t you mess with me.

Friend (from behind ) : What are you so pumped up about , moron?

Guy : Take these suckers.

Though he beat us black and blue , but we too did quite a good damage with our punches and kicks.

 BRO CODE Rule 3 :

Don’t let a bro text his ex

Friend : Bro , I’m missing her !!

Me : That’s the 3rd time you’re saying this Today.

Friend : But why did she dump me ?

Me : There’s no sense in crying over those reasons brother

Friend (takes out phone ) : I’m texting her back.

Me : Nope you’re not.

Friend : Try stopping me

Me : I took out the SIM card

(runs )

 BRO CODE Rule 4 :

Never insult bro , in front of a girl.

I , my friend and a girl from class were sitting on the canteen table eating burgers.

A friend came from the front , and spoke without seeing the girl.

Friend 1 :

(pointing towards the friend sitting with me )

Oye bc !! Panja ladana tha na tune ?

( You promised for a hand wrestling match )

Friend 2 : Err… ugh

I instantly took over the control , by doing a sign language signal about the girl sitting next to us.

Friend 1 (realizing his mistake ) : Wo jo tu jeet gya tha bhai .

Friend 2 : ^_^

Me : phew

 BRO CODE Rule 5 :

Bro’s sister is your sister

Just a few days back , on the occasion of Rakhi I went to my friend’s home. I knew he had no sister , so we had planned of going for a movie instead.

When I entered his house , he was standing in traditional Indian attire . I was taken aback.

Me : Abe bc , ye kya pehan rkha hai ?

(What are you wearing ? )

Friend : Wo rakhi hai na

(It’s rakhi festival today )

Me : Han to teri behen to hai hi nahi ?

(But you don’t have any sister )

Friend : Cousin aai hui hai.

(My cousin Sister is here )

He called his cousin sister , and when I saw her the instant first reaction was

Omg , she’s cute !!

But then , I respect the Bro Code.

Me : (somehow controlling myself)

Ek rakhi mujhe bhi bandh do (^o^)

(Tie a Rakhi in my wrist too )

To all fellow bros out there :

Are bhai bhai bhai <3

(My bros ) Hell Rocstar is here!

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