Some of the harsh truth of our life that people don’t want to believe or accept in the real life. Today I am going to walk a way through that corridor to make you realize the true facts of the one life.

harsh truth
  1.  Some people are not needed to live in your life no matter what happen, fighting to get back her is the dumbest thing they do.
  2.  It’s a sign of maturity if you have a smiling face and a crying heart, because in today world, it is the harsh truth that nobody cares.
  3. Beauty is temporary but your inner beauty is permanent.
  4. Never leave a trace of yourself , because it may stab you back more harder and harder.
  5. Most of the food we like to eat are unhealthy.
  6. Don’t try to compare yourself with friends, try with your past yourself.
  7. Money can buy you happiness, girl friends and many more, but people lie about that.
  8. Karma is a bitch and so is your ex- best friends, both act the same way.
  9. Everyone wear a mask , only time they don’t is when they are sleeping, Believe me that fucking truth.
  10. Every passing face on the street has a complicated story as your’s.
  11. Thinking vs Doing is not the same, also Day dreaming and dreaming is not same.
  12. Life is a unique race, where there is no winner, except itself “Life”.
  13. Friends can never be your best friends and your girl friends can never be your best friends.
  14. Everyone is going to hurt you, no matter what the fuck you do to them in your life.
  15. Money, fame and Good Looks do matter a lot, whether you are in making friends, looking for girl friends or boy friends in Tinder or real life in college, etc.

The Harsh truth of life from all of it that  we don’t try to accept them knowingly. 

Watch this amazing TED talk by Anne Lamott abouth life.

I don’t know why people do that.? For me, I try to get to them as quickly and deeply as possible. I know my strength and weakness, which help in making decisions in my life.

Do share your thoughts about your so called harsh truth of your life, I have shared mine, Now it’s time for yours.

Till then bye, Happy Blogging.

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