This is a short story of my first childhood romance cum first date when I was in the sixth standard. The mentioned name is true to my knowledge and its just for reading. Please don’t take it personally. Have Fun.


Childhood romance has got an immense tag in the book of romance. Many of the romantic couples started their journey from childhood and they are living happily. It happens to us when we actually don’t care about what other in this fucking world will say to us and the beauty of this romance is unbelievably beautiful. One such thing happens in my life too. 

Believe it or not !


childhood romance

If I remember quite well or not, I was in the sixth standard in my school. I was a kind of guy who is a bit of shy and anxious, but possessive with a hint of bitter attraction. I was not a good looking guy, nor the saddest one. Most probably an introvert or a moron, whom the whole class hates except that one girl.

Her name was Priyanka.

First Date

Well,  If I am not wrong she was the first one in my life who introduced me to words like girlfriend and Boyfriend. We use to hang out in school and after school too, but the day she introduces me to these words, she said that she will not be available to talk to me anymore.

I don’t know at that moment of time, She develops feeling for me, maybe or maybe not but from my side, me being a suppressed and neglect boy of the class has no ideas how to react. To be a boyfriend to a girl who is the most likable girl in the school was some somewhat seems to be impossible for me.

As a matter of facts, We didn’t talk for a long time. But It hurts me a lot and I don’t know how to express. I realize that I need her, she was the one who always listens to me, laughs with me and would talk to in the worst.

I gather some pieces of my courage to go to her and talk to her.

I intentionally change my seat and find myself next to her. And the conversation goes like this,

ME: I’m sorry
(She was surprised)

Priyanka: (surprisingly) Why are you sorry? Have I done something wrong?

Me: No, Not at all. I was just saying and I fumble totally!!

She understands me so well that she just said to me, “Do you like me”, and what was my the answer, I just nodded yes, nervously.

And from there on, our talk goes on and on, even when asked to leave the class to one of us, both of us goes out, so our interesting talks should not miss between us.

One day we escape our school,  and you know what, we had only 20 Rs and the whole day to spend before school ends. She decides to moves to the nearest park and If I remember exactly, we bought Cadbury Dairy Milk. We too spent the whole with even worried what to happened .at the end she told me that this is our first date.

This was the first time I came across the word Date, which is in terms of girl and friendship.

I recall it as a “Chocolate Date

The Day this happened was the last day of our school and most probably the last day of my girl in my life.

She left the school and change to a different one.

To get rid of all the instances that happened to me, I decided to move on in my life and the first step was to change my school. Because it hurts, in the end, We all are a human being and every person needs someone to express his or her feeling, but If you don’t get that one person, you try to escape that situation and location as a whole, that’s what I did.

But this day was really a special date for me, got an extra space in my heart.


Childhood Romance

If you fall in love, you will realize yourself, and there would be a special feeling for his or her that you may or may not express yourself to other but will be known to you.

Do share your first love stories to me and also the best stories will be posted on the website.

Happy reading.

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  1. It was a good experience reading ur blog.. got 2 knw a little of some of the unrevealed chptr of your life.. waiting for ur nxt blog 2 come up

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