In India, where 2.3 billion people resides is also a land of 33 M god and goddess. From a 22 carat golden idol residing in a posh car to We love you, Jesus! sticker in a auto rickshaw – religion is everywhere and for everyone. Whether you want it or not; nobody is bothered.



 BRO CODE Rule 1 :

Always assist your brother in wooing his crush

I had always thought of making her feel special on her day. But , being the moron I forgot her birthday. When I entered the class and later came to know about the birthday, I was heartbroken.

Suddenly , my friend got up and announced :

Friend : Ayush has bought a special gift for her !!

Me : (trembling ) Bro wtf .

Friend (winks ) Take it out of your bag and give it to her . Cmon.

I opened my bag and found a bouquet along with a Happy b’day card and Chocolate nicely wrapped . Took out the gift , and admist the hootings gave it to her.

My friend had bought the gifts a day before and when he came to know I had forgot to bring the surprise , he slided his gifts in my bag .

 BRO CODE Rule 2 :

Have your bro’s back, No matter what

I was standing in the line , waiting to order my French Fries. Just as my turn came , a well built guy pushed me aside and came in front.

Me : Watch out !!

Guy : What ? See your size first.

Me : That is no reason , to break the line , I guess ?

Guy : Don’t you mess with me.

Friend (from behind ) : What are you so pumped up about , moron?

Guy : Take these suckers.

Though he beat us black and blue , but we too did quite a good damage with our punches and kicks.

 BRO CODE Rule 3 :

Don’t let a bro text his ex

Friend : Bro , I’m missing her !!

Me : That’s the 3rd time you’re saying this Today.

Friend : But why did she dump me ?

Me : There’s no sense in crying over those reasons brother

Friend (takes out phone ) : I’m texting her back.

Me : Nope you’re not.

Friend : Try stopping me

Me : I took out the SIM card

(runs )

 BRO CODE Rule 4 :

Never insult bro , in front of a girl.

I , my friend and a girl from class were sitting on the canteen table eating burgers.

A friend came from the front , and spoke without seeing the girl.

Friend 1 :

(pointing towards the friend sitting with me )

Oye bc !! Panja ladana tha na tune ?

( You promised for a hand wrestling match )

Friend 2 : Err… ugh

I instantly took over the control , by doing a sign language signal about the girl sitting next to us.

Friend 1 (realizing his mistake ) : Wo jo tu jeet gya tha bhai .

Friend 2 : ^_^

Me : phew

 BRO CODE Rule 5 :

Bro’s sister is your sister

Just a few days back , on the occasion of Rakhi I went to my friend’s home. I knew he had no sister , so we had planned of going for a movie instead.

When I entered his house , he was standing in traditional Indian attire . I was taken aback.

Me : Abe bc , ye kya pehan rkha hai ?

(What are you wearing ? )

Friend : Wo rakhi hai na

(It’s rakhi festival today )

Me : Han to teri behen to hai hi nahi ?

(But you don’t have any sister )

Friend : Cousin aai hui hai.

(My cousin Sister is here )

He called his cousin sister , and when I saw her the instant first reaction was

Omg , she’s cute !!

But then , I respect the Bro Code.

Me : (somehow controlling myself)

Ek rakhi mujhe bhi bandh do (^o^)

(Tie a Rakhi in my wrist too )

To all fellow bros out there :

Are bhai bhai bhai <3

(My bros ) Hell Rocstar is here!


Closing the tap to one of the fountains which watered his vast stretch of cabbage plantation, Vasanth continued thinking over the matter related to his son. The cabbages needed at least one more week in the soil but Vasanth was helpless. His fifteen year old son had taken the home on his head and had vowed not to utter a word till he got “the new thing”.

the new thing

Pancham’s gloomy face watered his mother’s eyes and she pleaded Vasanth to do something about it. He loved his son so shaking off all the doubts, he took down to stooping, squatting and finally setting to harvest his cabbages. It pained him somewhere deep to pluck the cabbages before their proper maturity. He felt they deserved some more time there, some more life… He was sad.

Vasanth loved the land, his cabbages, beans and tomatoes and also the wild grasses which grew around them. He thought to himself that bowing down to his land, to the soil had paid him well with money, good health and a sound mind and he wondered whether “the thing” to which his son and every single person (including you and me) bowed day and night today would bless them with the same.

Personally speaking, a lot many of us do use our phones for something good and we might even succeed in reaping money, good health and healthy mind out of it, but in the long run would we remain as compassionate… I am doubtful!!


Indian Politics and its many shades of grey

You must be thinking why am I writing something unusual for my blog.  It not unusual. Well, we live in a secular democratic country where everyone should be treated to be equal. And why not , we are the most powerful democratic country in the world. We have our constitution, we have our own rights. One right is our voting right.



I am a blank paper.

Believe me or not, I can be whatever you want .

You are  the only one who decides what I will become,

Whether to burn me or to protect,

Whether to preserve me or to dispose me on the dustbin.

I am all yours.

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