Be in the moment. Be here. Don’t panic for something you are gonna get few months later, think of things now. Enjoy the present moment. The stars that I see when I go to treks seems to call my name, Niyaj !


My name echoes in the night .The cluster of stars shining brightly against the backdrop of black, dark, night is almost magical. The experiences I have while leaving in Barsu seems surreals and enchanting.

The beauty of Barsu, the last village in the path to Dayara is breathtaking. Where the sky seems to be painted with a streak of blue and the trees are painted with white snow. The air refreshing and the water clears , It is the beauty that allures you . The Beauty which can only be captures through one’s eyes. The nature I like to be in, the Dance I like to dance to the rhythm of the crackling bon-fire in the silence of the night feels like a dreams I don’t wish to wake up from.


I wish I could never left that place where every another friend of mine is sober in alcohol and tries to forgot the hard life of reality and relive the moments that they never gone after, where every love bird tries to cuddles in a single nest to protect themselves from the cold, where every single tries to put a last try to bring a change they eagerly wanted.

But reality always shakes us. Sometimes suddenly, sometimes slowly sometimes in cold and sometimes in sweat. I have someone who makes me feel complete and whole Someone who fills the void of my life is the most amazing feeling which is indescribable.

Life can be hard. It can pull us down, can make you feels sad but if you get through it, know that you fought a silent battle which you won. You were victorious and now are a stronger, more independent person than yesterday. You are someone completely different and deserves to shine no matter what.

niyaj kureshi
well that’s me…

Well, see you on my next blog!

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