Being single is really fun, You don’t give a single fuck about this goddamn world. You are open to explore anything, means anythings… like I  can say, You can pick  your girl late night in the club… Nobody is going to stop , not even your friends and bouncer. Believe me. I tried..It’s fun. Although it’s illegal..! Next Day, I was in lockup..!

Just kidding, but yeah I did.! But you shouldn’t.

Being single doesn’t means that you are lonely. It is just a phase of your fuckin’ life where you are fighting and understanding  your inner thought process.

Single AF

Let me explain you my way.. I have my own theory, it’s called Niyaj’s Fuckology.


First Chill, Bro..!!  Means Chill..!! Take a Beer and Hold yourself on a couch.

Let’s Face it,

Men can be judged by girls in many ways like (body, attitude blah,blah), but there are only two ways one can judge a girl,i.e. physical beauty (body, face, style,body color..etc) and their inner beauty (personality, intelligence, hobbies, etc). So You need to stand out above all. I know that is fucking difficult. I have my firsthand experiences, being an average guy..!

Being Single
 Girl are Mystery 

Also, It’s  really hard to understand girls, It’s really difficult….

Hu.. .Huh,,.. Really

There are different ways of describing this difficulties,  for example,..getting shit, getting bitched at, getting a hard time…

But still, If you think you need a girl in your life, and you have tried many times and you haven’t succeeded yet, There could be many reasons for that. I have listed few reasons from my observance that why mostly men are single.


Being Single
that’s not me

01. You are too busy managing your own fucking life;  and goddamn happy doing it and have no time for a partner; this being a conscious choice.

02. You are too busy living life in general; and do not ponder about having a girlfriend; being unconscious about the overall matter.

03. You have drawn a mental picture of your perfect partner. Often, this happens with most of us and stays an illusion. Life is more about choices, sacrifices and learning how to live with the limitations and falling in love.

04. You have the image of the perfect partner which is quite difficult to attain looking at your physique and looks E.g. She has to look like a model but with Einstein’s IQ but you also need her to be  caring and lovely; but down-to-Earth. A tough nut to find, boss.

05. You are not good at financial management . Contrary to whatever Chetan Bhagat says in his novels; financial security is one of the key things that attracts high-powered and successful women. Also, sometimes Chetan Bhagat’s Book sucks.

20 reason mens still single

06. You are an incessant playboy. Promise too much and under deliver. Women try to  invest time in you briefly but not for long-term.

07. You are too shy to approach bold women; and make eye-contact while speaking.

08. You are fun and adventure loving; but believe in excesses. Women try and keep up; till them find it is going out of hand and lose interest.

09. You are too busy with your professional life. Do not have time enough to find a soul-mate. Well, I cannot rely to that.

10. You have too specific or narrow a choice for your partner. E.g. I have a friend who wants a girl from the same religion, sect, caste, creed and ideally from the same native village, Oh God., I know what you are thinking.! Me like Saala Virgin hi Marega”

20 reasons you are still single

11. You are a grown-up man; but you are still a kid at heart . You lack the emotional and psychological balance to maintain the complex tribulations of a relationship.

12. You are a weirdo. Women like you; but do not feel safe with you. In this case, my boi, You need to work really hard.

13. You have dated all wrong types! You still haven’t met the type you like or want.

14. You are overly possessive. Women feel stifled and eventually leave you. Please note women don’t leave you she leave a relationship since it had suffocated them.

15. You are a miser. Do not like enjoying the little things in Life. Kiddo, they like surprises.

20 reason you are single

16. You do not value Love as a whole. Women are very quick in detecting this in a man they meet; takes around 7-10 seconds to build a perception that last years. As all says “First impression is your last fuckin impression”, So, Don’t fuck it.

17. You are in love with yourself.You are not looking for anyone.

18. You are a cuckold.  You need a strong-willed dominating woman who would become the most  ‘dominant hot wife’ of the relationship.

19. You like a girl who is blindly love with another boy and  there is rare chance that you surpass that boy.

20. You are addicted to substance-abuse. Women try to stay away.

20 reasons of being single
Lonely Boy


Love sucks..! But it is also the most beautiful thing one can have. It is also difficult to find the right one. Don’t try hard or totally fall for her. Everything has a time and you will get your one on your right time.  You may be a average guys, thinking you might not get one, there are some lines for, that will help you..

It’s called Zen’s Wisdom from the books: “The Art of Seducing Woman

There is nothing that can make a man sexy or attractive towards girls as confidence. Even if you are the ugliest person in this universe, confidence can make girl fall for you.

Niyaj Kureshi

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